"Our approach to Quality is based on commitment,
transparency and customer satisfaction.”

YSLAB - Manuel Assurance Qualité


Our Quality Management System (QMS) is rigorous, industry approved and certified. Our approach to Quality is based on commitment, transparency and customer satisfaction.

From the sourcing of the raw materials and the packaging materials, to the delivery of the finished product, we guarantee the traceability of every process stage. We can provide exact details for each production run. All deliveries of finished products include a certificate of conformity. From the design stage to making available the products, we implement all necessary measures to guarantee the quality of the products.


ISO Standards are international guarantees of product safety and quality. They certify that the company has an effective permanent and systematic system to ensure continuous improvements in the quality of our services and products.

We are the proud recipients of two certifications from the GMED Notified Body for our work:

YSLAB - ISO 9001 - Hygiène santé complément alimentaire
YSLAB - ISO 13485 - Dispositifs médicaux


YSLAB - Système de Management de la Qualité (SMQ)

Our QMS is rigorously enforced throughout the company.

Improvement is the watchword for our system:

✓ Improving traceability: optimisation of records, data analysis, etc.

✓ Improving our products: by means of a market technology watch, multidisciplinary product reviews, etc.

✓ Improving our knowledge base: through networking, knowledge sharing with other operators in the market, etc.

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