From molecular to cellular

Dedicated to marine biotechnology, YSLAB has an expertise in research, evaluation and selection of marine ingredients with physiological benefits for the human cells.

As the smallest live particle in the human body, the cell is the basis of physiology. Identifying the cellular response to a product allows predicting the response of the whole body.

Yslab R&D aims at selecting marine biomolecules, that are naturally bioavailable and without side effects, while respecting the biodiversity, to develop medical devices, cosmetics and food supplements that are healthy, safe and effective. The objective is to promote a health-conscious lifestyle, in perfect harmony with the body’s physiology.

Characterization and formulation

The characterization of an active ingredient is essential to ensure its effectiveness. Our team of biologists conducts an active research on the biological effect of molecules and on their nature (composition, structure). Our laboratory identifies how and why some biological effects appear.

The safety of active ingredients and formulas is essential and assessed by studying live cellular models.

Research and development process

The research and development team is guided by systematic scientific and technical intelligence, helping to define precisely potential needs and scientific relevance of a new formula.

These progresses are supported by experts in the corresponding specialties. The developments result in scientific publications.

For more diversity in our research perspectives, we are involved in collaborative projects, with a wide range of technical and scientific players.

Our expertise involves a careful selection of the ingredients:

  • Analytical controls (absence of impurities, active ingredients concentration, microbiological quality).

  • Respect of traceability (with analytical controls, audit on sampling site…)

  • Selection and control of extraction processes.

Control of the extraction process:

  • Controls of the sampling site.

  • Controls during the process.

  • Audits on the production line.

Control of activity: the stability of the biological activity is certified for all the active ingredients.