«The sea, source of health»

For Yslab, the oceans are the greatest natural resource for health.

The ionic composition of seawater is similar to blood plasma.

Seawater and marine ingredients are naturally absorbed and valued by the body.

YSLAB incorporates a world-class scientific expertise and extensive research in marine biotechnology to qualify the use of marine active ingredients.


Our mission is to offer natural health products, as an alternative to chemistry.

Richness and benefits of marine biodiversity

The sea is the origin of life on the Earth. The cell was born in the abyssal depths of the oceans, 3.8 billion years ago. In comparison, life on the Earth is only aging 400 million years. This long evolutionary history is the source of the great biodiversity of the oceans: to adapt to extreme and difficult environmental conditions, a multitude of molecular models and ecosystems have developed over time. 99% of bacteria obviously remain to be discovered.

This biodiversity is one of the foundations of the biotechnological approach at YSLAB. It provides useable and recoverable resources, useful for humans.

Seawater contains 92 mineral and trace elements identified on the periodic table. These elements are bioavailable, naturally absorbed and useful to the body.


Based in Quimper (west coast of France), Yslab is part of a skill network specialized in sea matters. Since its foundation in 2000, it has been researching, developing and manufacturing medical devices, formulated with active marine ingredients with high potential benefits for health.

YSLAB has a proven expertise in daily hygiene products and treatment of respiratory diseases. Various researches have contributed to develop innovative formulas for eyes, skin and mouth care.

Product formulations are all based on the rich marine biodiversity and on the exceptional bioavailability of marine ingredients for human cells.

Certified by European organizations (ISO 13485 and ISO 9001), Yslab is continually searching for new ingredients, new formulas and new devices to offer alternative health practices to chemical products.

Yslab protects its innovations by filing patents and publishing its research in international scientific reviews that are circulated all around the world.

YSLAB mission is to propose a healthy alternative, guaranteed by cellular safe response.


An ocean of hope

The evaluation of the marine ecosystem is just beginning. It represents an ocean of hope for research in marine biotechnology, which aims to identify active molecules, while respecting natural resources.

Living elements

Biotechnology implements living systems to extract active molecules. It provides bio-available and natural elements to the body.

Health alternative

The choice of personal care enables people to take action on their health. Prefer preventive to curative.
Implement an alternative healthcare contributing to physiological balance.

International influence

International distributors have trusted us to develop their range with products developed and manufactured by YSLAB.