Research & Development

The R&D team is a multidisciplinary one, including PHDs in Toxicology and Marine Sciences. It involves highly skilled professors into scientific committees.

The activity relies on the coordination of 3 divisions:

Research in marine biochemistry

Research and identification of marine molecules with significant health properties.

Research in physiology

Biological activity, efficiency, safety, in collaboration with expert research centers.


New product formulation and specific packaging design.

The research activity is processed in 6 steps:

Manufacturing and logistics

The manufacturing department selects and approves the most adapted industrial plants.

It designs all production processes, relating to various demands, and adapted them to quality, regulatory, marketing and technical evolutions.

The logistic department manages the projects, from supplies through the delivery. The client satisfaction is essential at every stage: planning, deadlines, quality, reactivity ensure the best service.

It works closely with manufacturing plants to ensure reactivity, efficiency and the delivery of high quality products.

QA and regulatory process

The QA and regulatory department, managed by a pharmacist, addresses 3 points:

Quality Requirement

The quality definition: high expectations, specifications documents, definition of approval criteria and specification of quality checks at every stage.

Continuous improvement

This process is based on the monitoring of the products in the marketplace and the research of potential developments.

Regulatory compliance

The regulatory and normative compliance and all the regulatory steps (regular checks, regulatory anticipation, product registration).

These activities are organized according to a certified procedure (ISO13485 and ISO 9001), ensuring high quality products for the customers.

Full service marketing

The marketing department provides a strategic view of the market development as ENT, ophthalmic or oral diseases and more generally in relation with mucosa pathologies.

They analyse the market and develop innovative product.

Yslab marketing department listen to their clients to offer them a personalized response tailored to their needs, and operational support for the design of products, the design of launching material, the promotional strategies, …

At the heart of our concerns: client satisfaction